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33 Weeks Pregnant: Conversations to Have Now

As an Atlanta doula, emotionally supporting families is part of the job. Nobody wants to talk/think about the hard parts about the beautiful season ahead, but that’s why I blogged about it. While you may be thinking the registry is pressing, instead take your next date night (or moment alone) to discuss expectations and boundaries around...

32 Weeks Pregnant: What to do

Atlanta Posed Newborn Photography: Cale Enjoy this gorgeous dark + moody newborn session as we read through your latest milestone. You’re 32 wks pregnant- yay! Here is a checklist of what’s next :) Click on an item name to purchase Raspberry Red Leaf Tea Your uterus is a muscle. RRL is used to strengthen your...

The Difference Between Posed and Lifestyle Newborn Photography


Wanting to hire an Atlanta Newborn Photographer but unsure which type of session to book? This post can help you see the difference between posed and lifestyle newborn photography. It’s honestly not as cut-and-dry as you may think. Come and join me at this *very typical newborn session. A bit posed + a bit of...

Best Baby Shower Gift Idea: A Photography Registry


“Are you having a baby shower? I offer registries! People buy gift certificates to give to you towards birth/doula and/or newborn photography. People LOVE to bless Mom’s with newborn pics. I have beautiful cards that can be slipped into invites or I have a gorgeous digital version that can be emailed out to family/Friends.“ Over...

Johns Creek Lifestyle Newborn Photographer: Corrie

Johns Creek Lifestyle Newborn Photographer: Corrie Guys! Look at this sweet baby girl and how well she did for her lifestyle newborn session! Those are some really long eyelashes! Having a baby? Have questions about Lifestyle newborn photographer? Use the contact form above and contact me! I only take 1-2 clients a month and book up...

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