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Hi!!!! I’m Maegan! A total ENFJ.

I’m an artist who loves to most mediums. I also love to sing, dance, decorate, sew, do hair/makeup & take pictures.

I have a very bubbly & joyful personality. I love loving, hugging and encouraging people. 

I laugh. A lot. It feels super awkward writing about myself.

I’m a really picky eater. I’m a girly-girl! I love Jesus.

I love being a mom. I’m a birth Doula. I love the parents and their babies! I feel like a proud Grama incessantly “liking” all the milestone pics the parents post on FB.

So often photographers get asked, “What do you specialize in?” The truth is that I specialize in caring for women. I never wanted to just “take pics.” I want to sit & visit with them; love and encourage them. I want them to see they are as beautiful as we tell them they are. I want them to see the way their baby delights in them. I want them to feel young and be excited for the future. I want them to love & respect the body they’re in and rejoice in all it has done in their lifetime. The photos are just a reminder.

In regards to my model of care, that’s up to you! Some parents call me for everything, some just for doula + photography services. Let’s talk! Tell me your story!

If you choose to use the “Contact form” above and I don’t answer within 48 hours, it means I didn’t get the message.

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