Atlanta Underwater Photography

**Currently booked for 2024 season. Reach out if you’d like to be put on a waitlist.**

THIS is where the magic happens and the photographs are so lovely. You look to be in slow motion.

Your hair, your dress, it all just seems to be swimming effortlessly.

Atlanta Underwater Photography is beautiful and surprisingly easy.

You only have to go under the surface for short 5-7 second dips. We will continue to practice until you feel comfortable.

Pricing starts at $900

Some models on Buzzfeed try it out!

We practice the poses under water before we put you in front of the backdrop.

That way we can be sure you’re comfortable with the pose and make any necessary changes before shooting.

Ready for some unique under water pictures? (YAY!)

Have questions about hiring me as your Atlanta underwater photographer?

Use the contact form above and contact me! I only take 1-3 clients a month and book up quickly.

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