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You only have to watch one video to answer the question, “Why is videography necessary when I have photos?” It’s the sounds, voices, newborn movements. Things that just can’t be captured on a photo. My approach to videography is a bit unique as I shoot like a seasoned parent. My oldest child is 25 and my “baby” is now 14. Gone are the days of painted toenails and those tiny rubber band things for braces. Gone are the sleepless nights and hearing “Mama” a zillion times a day. The truth is, I miss it. I knew I would, I had older women in my life reminding me that babies do not keep and to savor their infancy. I did. But there is nothing like watching family videos. I wish I had taken more. I didn’t take enough! I refused to pull out the camera because the house was messy. Now those toys scattered all over the background are a distantly memory and the video is a bittersweet reminder. You will always remember things your kids did. But you will not remember their voice. My heart melts when I hear their sweet voice. From an older mom to a younger mom, take videos and be sure to back them up in several locations :)

The videography service coincides with my “all embracing” model of care. If I’m already photographing your birth, newborn and family, why not add video while I’m at it?

You can view a few of my client videos on Vimeo Here.

Birth Photography + Video is $2500

Videography as an add on service to doula/photo is $500-$600

Cesarean Birth Videography

If you are having a planned C-section, you can plan to do a video like the one below.

North Fulton Hospital Waterbirth Videography

The sounds of a birthing mother, the words of encouragement from her partner and the first cries from their new baby.

Home Birth Videography

Atlanta Birth Center Waterbirth

Roswell Newborn Videography I Bringing Baby Home

These videos are the best in general, but my favorite is when you add a child meeting their sibling. I can only imagine what these boys will think as they look back on this video one day. The Baby’s First Year plan (Link coming soon) offers lower pricing for videography at 0, 3, 6, 9 and 12 months.

Atlanta Lifestyle Baby Videography

These videos are just enjoying life with a sweet, chubby baby under the age of 12 months.

Family Lifestyle Videography

I’ve done a good bit of these videos, a day-in-the-life. Tickle fights, baking cookies, cooking dinner, jumping on the bed. This is your life!

Ready to start documenting your life in a beautiful way? Contact me and let’s discuss the story you want to tell.

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