Atlanta Birth Photographer and Doula Care

Atlanta birth photographer and doula care

** 2024 ATLANTA DOULA CARE UPDATE: We no longer offer “doula only” services and generally only offer doula services at North Fulton hospital, or for home births. Occasionally NSC or ABC. Special consideration for babies who will require level 3 NICU care. Photo/video will continue to be offered at most hospitals.

Here is my promo video where you can see Atlanta Doula Care + Birth Photography in action.

My first birth I attended was in 1999, but it’s only been in the last 15 years that I have built a business out of it. I received my doula training through DONA. I support ALL families + their unique birth. I have 5 children of my own, and have attended over 300 births.

I am trained in the Bradley Method, and it helped me to have my own drug-free births. I’m a certfied hypno-doula for Hypnobabies and have seen it work wonders for people!

I am an Atlanta Birth Doula because I love birth, hugs and I love to care for people.

I love to care for the partners. They often forget themselves as they care for the laboring person. I’m there to give them snacks, water and give a break if need be.

I would LOVE to meet you and your partner for frozen yogurt, to learn all about your pregnancy and what you hope/dream for your birth experience. And, listen… You’re going to have a baby!! Yay!  :)

Don’t worry about the partners not being visible in the images above. They were the ones taking the photo.
Atlanta Birth Doula + Photographer Maegan Hall

Atlanta doula + photography packages are $2700.

Add videography for a small fee.

I have assisted in over 300 births!

Contact me and let’s discuss what you hope for your birth day!

Read my reviews below from happy customers!

Testimonials About Atlanta Doula care

“We initially found Maegan when looking for a birth photographer. I’m a photographer myself and wanted the absolute *BEST* birth photographer in Atlanta to photograph the birth of our third child. Initially, I though it was a convenient bonus that Maegan was also a doula, as we were planning on hiring a doula as well. Boy, did I under estimate what Maegan brought to the table. She was absolutely AMAZING in all regards. I cannot believe our luck in finding her.

We wanted to do Hypnobabies natural childbirth. Maegan gave us a great referral to a Hypnobabies class and instructor that were a great fit for our family. When the big day came, Maegan thoroughly understood how to support me and my partner though the natural childbirth process and was very hands on and supportive in EXACTLY the way we needed. I think this is because she was so kind and attentive and asked great questions during our prenatal visit and during the labor itself. I’m not sure how she did it but in addition to making sure all of our needs were continously met, she somehow managed to get AMAZING pictures (including one of me lifting our baby from between my legs as he was born!!) without us even noticing she had her camera out or that her hands were not lovingly rubbing my back. Seriously, we never even noticed that she was multi-tasking, she was THAT GOOD at balancing both roles. Her photographs are unbelievable and will be cherished forever, as will her role as our doula and friend through an exciting and challenging birth.

We feel truly blessed that we found Maegan and she was such a wonderful support throughout our childbirth process, before, during, and after the birth of our son. Through all of this she has become a cherished friend. We cannot recommend her more highly.”


“Maegan was there to help support my husband and I. We were coached in the Bradley Method, which we highly recommend. She was encouraging and supportive. My husband loved her, in his words, ” She let me shine and be there for you.” He didn’t have to worry about anything, she took care of it all. Between them both, I was able to labor longer. I would have given up much sooner had it not been for them. She is very respectful of opinions and allows you to make up your own mind without judgment. We highly recommend her as a doula and felt so comfortable having her there for a very intimate and special time during our lives.

Check out her photography! It’s beautiful and trust me, you won’t be disappointed! (she did our maternity, birth photography and newborn photos)”


“We hired Maegan initially for our birth photography needs and decided after meeting her that she would also be our doula. We were concerned about how one could juggle being a doula and photographing the birth of our daughter, but Maegan mastered this. My husband is into photography and very finicky and we were both very impressed with the outcome of our photos. She captured so many precious moments, often times we weren’t even aware a photo was being taken. Our photos are simply breathtaking and take us back to each moment.

Maegan made herself very available during my entire pregnancy with any questions or concerns that we had. She was so supportive and encouraging during my entire labor ( all 38 hours= tons of phone calls/texts while laboring at home in addition to the 15+ hours she spent with us in the hospital) – I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Maegan is very personable, professional, and talented. She offers a very calming and comforting presence, but can also be super fun. We absolutely love Maegan and would not hesitate to recommend her for doula and birth photographer. Without a doubt she will be there to capture my future births and be my doula.”


“You never know how much you need a doula until you actually NEED one — and Maegan is one of the best. Within minutes of her arrival at my home, she ran to the kitchen and grabbed a cool, wet rag to put on my head. I didn’t even ask for that. It’s like she knew what I needed before I knew that I needed it. I am a first time mom and the experience of naturaly delivery would have been too overwhelming if not for the amazing and timely support Maegan gave — not only in her physical responses to my needs, but also through her encouraging words of affirmation that gave me strength when I needed it most.

Not only is she an intuitive doula, she is also a very gifted birth photographer! The mind blowing part is that she can do both jobs effortlessly at the SAME TIME. It is so evident through her photos that she LOVES what she does in capturing the raw and gorgeous emotions flooding throughout birth photography. As a photographer myself, I have VERY high standards in who I choose to document my family’s most precious moments, and Maegan fit the bill. The images we have are priceless, and I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world.

And lastly, on a superficial note – Maegan somehow made me LOOK AMAZING the entire labor :) I thought I wouldn’t care what I looked like during labor, but when the day came, I was straightening my hair during contractions! HA. But after I came to the point that I couldn’t “keep up” with how I looked anymore, I would feel Maegan gently place a bobby pin in my hair. She even helped me to “primp” for photos with my new family. I seriously can’t imagine there being a better photographer/doula combo out there :)”


“We were able to accomplish the unmedicated water birth we wanted! I believe that hiring Maegan made all the difference. I know with absolute certainty that I would not have been able to achieve the beautiful water birth that we wanted without the involved presence of Maegan. Her support and suggestions (reminders to drink , suggestions of positions to speed things along, providing me with cold clothes when hot flashes hit, and her overall encouragement) throughout the birth process were absolutely indispensable. My husband also appreciated having her there, because her suggestions and assistance allowed him to be more confident supporting me. And of course, her photography is beautiful!”    


“Having just had my first baby I can’t imagine ever trying a natural birth without a doula. While I was trying to get educated during my pregnancy I started to consider hiring a doula but was not satisfied with those that I interviewed. I came across Maegan’s profile, reached out to her and loved her timely, thorough response. She came across as more of a friend than any doula I had seen previously. She immediately made me feel at ease and that I could ask questions without bothering her, which as a first time pregnant woman – I had many! She always returned my texts or calls and did everything she could to provide me information on any given aspect of pregnancy, labor or birth.

During my actual labor, she was amazing. She had me in so many different positions, offering advice each step of the way and doing everything she could to keep me on track with my birth plan. As I said, I truly cannot imagine trying to have a natural birth without a doula, but even more specifically without Maegan. She cared about me, my husband and my unborn son like she was a member of our family and her support made my husband and I stronger. My nurses asked me afterwards where I had found Maegan as she was so unlike other doulas they had come across and they liked the way she handled my labor.

Her birth photography was icing on the cake for us, it was not originally something we were looking for but now that all is said and done we are so happy that we picked a doula/birth photographer. The pictures she took of this amazing event are beautiful and we will cherish them forever.

I will definitely hire Maegan again should we choose to have another child!”


“Maegan helped us in the birth of our child in June. I had called several Doulas before Maegan but after speaking to her I knew I liked her the best. Maegan comes with a lot of experience professionally and personally. I liked the fact that she knew the Bradley method and had practiced it with two of her own births. I also liked the fact that she had 5 kids of her own and felt like she would be able to relate with me during labor no matter the type of delivery.

During labor my husband and I felt comfort knowing that she was with us at our home and I was able to relax during contractions. When we left for the hospital we knew that it was the right time to go. Maegan was a huge help during labor as she gave us different tips and positions to use. She also helped my husband and I both to stay calm and confident. I was able to deliver completely drug free. She stayed with us after the delivery until she knew that all three of us were ok and no longer needed her help.

She also captured some of my most precious moments with my husband and new child with her photography. My husband and I did not care about pictures during the birth. We were only concerned with the delivery and having the help of a doula. We hired Maegan for her doula services and looked at the pictures as an added bonus. The photos she was able to take are ones that I will cherish my entire life. I will make sure that she is with me for all of my future births to capture these moments with each one. The feelings we have when we look at them is indescribable.  
Maegan is a doula that will help you with questions before and after the birth of your child. She is extremely personable. She is a person that will treat you like a family member and not a client. We recommend her to everyone and would definitely use her again!”


“Maegan Hall was a breathe of fresh air for my homebirth.   She was quiet and respectful.  Her presence brought us much peace while laboring.   She was attentive to all my family members that were in attendence.  I would highly recommend her for your birth plan.”


“Maegan was not our planned doula, but was there for us exactly when we needed her to be. She was phenomenal. My husband and I particulary appeciated her enthusiasm and encouragement. We planned a natural birth and she supported us throughout the entire labor and delivery so we could reach our goals. Maegan had great techniques to help labor progress and to make me as comfortable as possible. She was really good about keeping me calm when the pain was really intense. 

When our planned doula did arrive, Maegan stayed even though she didn’t have to. She especially helped my husband know how to best support and comfort me. 

Her photography skills we an added bonus that we’re thrilled about. She was able to capture some of the most special moments during the labor and delivery. We never felt like she abandoned us to take pictures and all of the photographs she did take were very modest and appropriate. 

We loved having her there for our birth experience and would definitely recommend her to anyone seeking a doula.”

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**Thank you to my amazing colleague, Christina Hodgen for some of the photos above!**

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