Best Baby Shower Gift Idea: A Photography Registry

Are you having a baby shower? I offer registries! People buy gift certificates to give to you towards birth/doula and/or newborn photography. People LOVE to bless Mom’s with newborn pics. I have beautiful cards that can be slipped into invites or I have a gorgeous digital version that can be emailed out to family/Friends.

Over the last few months, I’ve been watching what works and what does not work for photography registries.

Here are a few tips on how to tell your family about your Photography registry – the best baby gift idea!


____ Gather email addresses 

This is perfect for those who are not having a shower! I will email your list and let them know that I received their email based on the fact they’ve been approved to view the upcoming album of baby pictures. Then I ask them if they’d like to purchase a gift for you! Or I can just email out a digital registry card for you.

____ Post to Facebook how excited you are

I can “announce” working with a client on FB or IG and tag them. In the post, I offer a link for people to purchase a gift certificate. I’ve seen many people “share” the post with, “So happy to have chosen our doula and/or photographer!”

____ Suggest a registry to your pregnant friends

“We decided to register for photography instead of stuff the baby will outgrow. We’re excited to be able to pick our own baby clothes out with the money we saved.” Plus, for every pregnant person you send to me and they book, you get a referral credit!


____ Talk about it

You will get tons of questions about the baby. It’s easy to answer, “We’re really excited to be parents (again?) and we can’t wait to fill our home with beautiful portraits of our new family and how we grow over the years. We decided to go ahead and buy our own diapers and baby clothes, and let our friends and family chose to gift us photography, since it will be around long after baby clothes are stained and diapers in the trash. They’re actually gifting us an heirloom.”


____ Consider registering for something specific

It’s hard for some people to give a gift certificate and never know what you’re doing with the money they gave you. Consider telling them that you’re hoping to get enough gift certificates for a canvas, an album or even just “newborn photography.”


____ Hand out registry cards

You can hand out your registry cards, slip them into invites, or even “show” people how cute they are. “We decided to register for photography instead of stuff the baby will outgrow. Look at my cute registry cards!” Easy! The cards are super cute and really well made!


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