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Creating a Birth Plan for North Fulton Hospital

North Fulton Hospital is in Roswell, GA and offers many parents the option of a waterbirth. They have many practices that coincide with natural birth, so you don’t need a huge birth plan like other hospitals. You don’t need to mention things about “pushing in different positions” or “wanting to eat and drink.” Here are...

What to pack in your hospital bag

Modern Maternity Session in the city of Atlanta. Y’all. Look at this loft house. This couple wanting to capture their last few weeks in this house and I’m so glad they did! New adventures + baby at the new house! As a doula I want my parents to feel prepared for their birthing day, so...

Milton, GA Maternity Milk Bath

Maternity Milk Bath How to: You will need a tub with a window near it, but the rest can be easily purchased! Your session will take place when your bathroom is brightest. Depending on the time of day, your other images will be take before or after the milk bath. Step 1: Figure out your...

Photography and Social Distancing


With Covid-19 requiring social distancing, Atlanta photographers must learn to reframe over reschedule photo shoots. This wonderful couple contacted me because their original maternity photographer cancelled on them at the last minute. I can’t imagine the stress! Their doula is a friend of mine and recommended they reach out to me. Social distancing was in...

Why You Need a Chiropractor During Pregnancy


I’m often asked what a doula client can do to prepare for a faster, easier and less painful delivery. My answer is always the same — Webster Certified Chiropractic Care, exercise and childbirth classes! I get asked a lot of follow up questions and although I’ve seen the benefit first hand in a birthing room,...

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