What to pack in your hospital bag

Modern Maternity Session in the city of Atlanta. Y’all. Look at this loft house. This couple wanting to capture their last few weeks in this house and I’m so glad they did! New adventures + baby at the new house!

As a doula I want my parents to feel prepared for their birthing day, so I created a Hospital Bag Checklist for labor, birth and postpartum.

This is the newest version. Older version here. It’s old, y’all.

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Cell phone, rechargeable fan, video camera + chargers

People rarely forget their cellphone, but they forget the chargers to everything! Should you choose to film with your cellphone, a cell tripod has been hugely helpful.

This rechargeable fan is my absolute favorite. It blows air hard, it decently quiet and the charge lasts a long time. This one is the BEST

In regards to this GoPro, I was thinking how awesome it would be for a dad (or me) to wear it and film the birth!

Oils and/or diffuser

Create a calm ambiance.
Peppermint for nausea or to mask poop smells. Clary Sage for the uterus/birth.
Citrus, Lemon or Orange can help with exhaustion. Grounding blend for peace and strength
Lavender or calming blend is great for the tub/diffuser.

This diffuser is my favorite ever because it’s both a humidifier and a diffuser!

Non-LED Christmas lights, battery candles

Christmas lights are a gorgeous way to create a gentle, romantic ambiance for your birth space. I can hang them on the wall for you! Just pack painters tape. I prefer the kind that plug in the wall. Some parents choose a string of fairy lights for the tub as well.

I prefer the ease of Christmas lights over the candles, but some parents do both! So gorgeous

Don’t forget extra batteries.

Cash/Change for food delivery or vending machines

You or somebody on your birth team may need a snack, crackers, beverage. You will probably want to order a meal after the baby is born, but if places are closed, you will need backup options.

Toiletries for both parents

Be mindful of toiletry scents that are too strong for your newborn. THIS is my absolute favorite soap. Safe for parents, babies, and your hormones. Don’t forget toothbrushes, toothpaste

Snacks for both parents

Snacks are for the labor, but also for your hospital stay. I’ll be linking my snack checklist here soon.

Flip flops, slippers or socks

You are not going to want to walk barefoot in your birthing room.

Extra undergarments and bottoms

After your baby is born, things can get messy. Remember having your BFF check your bum in High School? Yeah, like that… plan for the worst and pack enough! Dark shorts, soft pj pants :)

Comfort measures (pillows, blankets, birth ball)

The birth center will prob have enough for one parent, but don’t forget about your birth partner. They need pillows, Tylenol/Motrin, too. Don’t forget your nursing pillow and birthing ball. If you are known as “tall” or “short,” be sure to order a ball that is the right size for you.

For your puppy at home:

Take home the blanket that is used to wipe off baby

Before introducing baby and puppy, bring your used baby blanket/towel in to the house to let the dog smell it.


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