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Since I was taking my own Christmas card photos this year, I needed to do something that wasn’t too posed so that I could take the photos, but also be in some of them.

My plan!? Make cookies! That way my teenager could snap some pics of me, but I would be in charge of photographing the children.

We used a family favorite recipe (although I did something wrong this time and they weren’t yummy- must’ve been the pressure of the camera!?)

canton lifesytle photography

canton lifestyle photography session at home

Monster Cookies!

I wanted pictures of us doing what we really do, only cheesy-er (I made that word up).

So, we exchanged gifts, ate candy, wore coordinated outfits, and played CHUBBY BUNNY!

woodstock lifestyle photographer

woodstock lifestyle photography session at home

My oldest daughter loves to “baby the baby” so that was 100% true to life.

My son’s hand in the candy jar, being sneaky??? No comment.

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