Atlanta Senior Photographer: Hannah, Art Education Major

Atlanta Senior Photographer

Art education major, Hannah

senior girl portraits short hair glasses

Hannah is from Kentucky and traveled down with her mom for unique senior portraits. As an art student, I knew I had to come up with something unique.

Hannah has incredible eyes so I knew that I wanted to work with water. I knew I had to make her dress to go with water, so I chose lots of shades of blue, emerald, and some olive green.

I wanted Hannah to look like a piece of art, like a part of one of her paintings.

senior girl portraits short hair handmade peacock headband steampunk necklace blue water

Once I had designed Hannah’s dress in my head, I contacted my extraordinary accessories designer Lily Mairi who had the perfectly matching necklace and headpiece.

senior girl portraits short hair handmade steampunk necklace blue water smoke dreamy

We started off by doing Hannah’s hair and makeup. Makeup was easy since she wanted it “simple but pretty.”

Her hair took a little longer. We chose a style off the runway from Paris Fashion Week.

senior girl close up face portrait steampunk necklace

You wouldn’t know that Hannah is a very, very quiet girl. She’s a little on the shy side.

But, after a few shots, she warmed up to the camera and  did amazing.

senior girl in the water custom dress summer in ga

Hannah was to be painted, but nothing too crazy because I wanted her to still be glamourous.

We decided on a loose, girly tattoo-like branding. Her name and year of graduation.

stunning senior girl in waterfall photo lady blue handmade ribbon strip dress

Hannah was pretty much fearless and Hannah is actually afraid of water. She was so excited about the shoot, she overcame her fears and climbed slippery rocks to get to the most beautiful places.

jewel tone peacock dress short hair gorgeous eyes water senior

I just love creating unique senior portraiture for girls. I’m not just an Atlanta senior photographer, I’m available for travel!

senior girl sue bryce hand made dress fabric strips

Channeling Sue Bryce with Hannah’s ballet hands and flowing dress.

art student senior girl poses

Senior photography for the girl who doesn’t want to do what everyone else is doing. So unique, she needs a custom magazine-style photo shoot.

Hannah is an artist, she needed senior pictures that described who she is and where she’s headed.

trendy girl senior pictures

Hannah’s shoot lasted a few hours and she went home to Kentucky feeling like a princess.

Hannah and her mom made an entire girls weekend out of it and it was really a bonding moment for them.

Hannah’s mom exclaimed, “You will only have this two times in your life… when you’re a senior and on your wedding day!”

Hannah’s mom also notified me I’d be shooting Hannah’s sister Sarah this fall. Sarah is completely opposite of Hannah…

She has black hair and dark eyes, even brownish skin. She is loud and boisterous.

What’s the opposite of WATER???? FIRE!!!!! The planning for the fire photo shoot has already begun!

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