Canton, GA Birth Photographer: Baby Aaron

Canton, GA Birth Photographer

with Midwife Margaret and Jenny

atlanta birth photography

atlanta birth photographer

When I enter a home for birth photography, I sometimes have to tip toe around the house until I find where the laboring mother is. It’s common to be very dark and sometimes I just have to close my eyes and listen to hear where the moaning is coming from. With Jennifer’s birth, I quietly walked up the stairs and it was pitch black! Then, down the hallway was a little light shining underneath their bedroom door.

atlanta birth photography

atlanta birth photographer

canton birth photography

canton birth photographer

Rich and Jennifer took the Bradley method for natural childbirth class with their first baby. Although Aaron was their 6th baby, they still give credit to the Bradley method for Rich understanding what Jennifer was going through and how to care for her.

woodstock birth photography

woodstock birth photographer

Jennifer was overdue with Aaron and I was SO excited when Rich called to tell me that her water had broken and contractions had begun!

acworth birth photography

acworth home birth photographer

Filled with SO MANY emotions during the birth of her baby.

kennesaw birth photography

kennesaw home birth photographer

THE moment when all your hard work paid off and your eyes finally meet your baby and he is finally being placed in your arms. Our eyes fill up with tears and our hearts overflow with joy!

marietta birth photography

marietta home birth photographer

alpharetta birth photography

alpharetta home birth photographer doula

Watching Aaron nurse and enjoying their new baby boy

holly springs birth photography

holly springs home birth photographer

Look at his sweet baby pout!

canton birth photography

canton home birth photography doula

Home birth midwife Margaret checking his vitals and weighing him. He weighed 10 pounds even and Jennifer’s face is priceless.

roswell birth photography

roswell home birth photographer

Another heart-going-to-burst moment… when your baby look up at you for the first time. Ahhhh!!

cartersville birth photography

cartersville home birth photographer

Home birth dads generally dress the baby.

northern ga birth photography

northern ga home birth photographer doula

Look how he posed his little baby feet!

jasper birth photography

jasper home birth photographer doula

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