Atlanta Underwater Fantasy Photography: The 12 Astrological Signs

Atlanta Underwater Fantasy Photography: The 12 Astrological Signs


When I moved to Georgia from Virginia Beach over 10 years ago, it didn’t take long for me to meet Jennifer Griffin of  Jennifer Griffin Studios

We quickly bonded over our love of the arts, including scrapbooking, photography and throwing parties. While our children were small and we were busy homeschooling, we spent our spare time pouring into bettering our craft(s) and promising to one day collaborate. We collaborated on parties and events but we hadn’t had a chance to collaborate on a photography project.



Chrystal R China


Jennifer then met my friend Marcus Taylor with  Marcus Taylor Photography

Marcus and I collaborated in the past on a few shoots. Marcus is a technical guru and photographer. He has taught me many things over the years.

Jennifer makes costumes. I’m a cosplayer/cosplay model. Marcus specializes in cosplay photography. We knew we had to do something!

Since underwater is pretty unique, we figured we’d do something underwater. Doing something underwater automatically meant that I was hiring my lead assistant Ross Muhlenberg with 8BitCosplay to not only assist with the shoot, but to also manage it. He also can 3D print anything my heart desires, so we knew that’d be helpful as well.



Ryan Pugh



I had recently been taking a class/program with Tiffani Purdy and she had me diving deep into my astrology roots.

Rekindling the fun I had experienced with it in the past, I thought that the astrological signs were perfect to personify, create and cosplay! The team agreed!



Atiya Rahman



While Jennifer started creating sketches in secret, I started to scout models/talent for the shoot. Everyone was so excited!

We had some models cancel VERY last minute, so Ross had to step in and model for us last minute.



Ross Muhlenberg


It was awesome though because Jennifer designed the claws for Aries out of clay and Ross 3D printed them for her in bulk.

The serendipitous part was that Ross ended up wearing the Aries costume including his designs :)



Laura Muhlenberg




Brittany Ingram





Bryttany Hyde





David Coleman

Father of Dragons




Chelsea Patricia





Andrew Griffin





Nikki Larson





Adam Hamilton


Underwater Fantasy Shoot: Astrological Signs Highlight from Boutwell Productions on Vimeo.
Books, Canvases, Prints and Art Cards available for purchase.

Jennifer Griffin
Costume concept, design, construction
Wardrobe, hair, makeup
Book design and product development
High Definition detail editing

Maegan Hall
Conceptual idea and execution
Model casting
Underwater Photographer
Image Editor

Marcus Taylor
Purchasing Manager
Wardrobe Photographer

Ross Muhlenberg
Manager and Consultant
Lead Underwater Assistant
3D product design and printing
Equipment Manager

Allison Goodman

Greg Hogan

Nikki Meyer
Lead Wardrobe Assistant

Tiffani Purdy
Astrological Consultant

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