Underwater Photography Atlanta Fun


Underwater Photography Atlanta: Fun!

(But Mostly Practice)


Very excited to finally have all my underwater camera equipment and supplies to be able to offer this service.

Rather than jump straight in to the pool with a paying session, I needed to practice on my kids first.


My two most fearless children were happy to oblige.


I’m shocked how good my son can dive. Not really sure where he even learned that.

Colors underwater are INSANELY hard! It’s much easier and cool-er (to me) to turn them to black and white.


My little strength training independent child. She is confident, unapologetic and I’m sure to butt heads with me in her teenage years. I love how this picture totally captures her personality.


Speaking of personality, my son is always willing to be goofy for me to get a laugh. He literally was goofing around and I laughed so hard, water came rushing in my snorkel and I had to go above water. I still laugh thinking about it.


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