Johns Creek Birth Photographer: Baby Grayson

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Love this. Love how he looks like he’s smelling, snuggling and kissing her new baby!


Ah! The moment when you hold your baby, stare at him and lay your head back to think, “I DID IT! I DID IT! I went without any pain meds.” It’s a sigh of relief, but your chest is also filled with pride and strength.

Just sitting and staring at her little boy.


He was SO PROUD of Cara going without any drugs. He totally thought she was a rockstar and couldn’t believe how strong she was. We were all so proud of her!


I love how Gramas hold babies. They are confident and often hold them with one hand or out in front of them as shown. Not knocking the first-time parents, but I just love the way she held Grayson. I love how her hands cupped his bum and his head.


I HAD to post this in b&w, although the color is lovely too. What mom doesn’t want a photo of her man holding their first born son!? Swoon!roswell-birth-photographer-doula-hospital-infant-pictures_0009

Look at all that beautiful hair!


After a quick and intense labor, Cara is happy to snuggle in bed with her baby and doze off for some much needed rest.

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