Atlanta Birth Center Doula Photographer: Waterbirth Checklist

Enjoy this lovely, natural water birth at Atlanta Birth Center while I discuss your water birth checklist.

As an Atlanta Birth Doula, I’ve had the joy of witnessing many water births. I’ve created a checklist of what to pack, including links for purchasing. Click on the title for a direct link to purchase

Full buy list here

_ A sports bra, bikini top, or tank top

Some moms choose to go naked, but if you have hired an Atlanta Birth Photographer, you may want more PG-13 photographs to share. You can still enjoy skin-on-skin and/or immediate nursing, but still be able to share your photos with friends and family.
(other option: a nightgown or button front shirt. Some moms wear a skirt)

_ Kneeling Pad

Most parents choose to have the mom in the tub, and the partner kneeling outside of it. We can sometimes use a pillow, but a non-slip kneeling pad is perfect! The best part is that it is re-usable for when you start giving your baby baths at home.

_ Swimming clothes and/or large towel for your partner

If possible, have a “labor day” bag and a “hospital stay” bag. Rooms get clutter easily. The hospital bag can stay in your car until you transfer to your postpartum room. If birthing at the Atlanta Birth Center, you can walk out to your car to get anything you may need.

At your birth place, they will often use all the towels for the birthing mother. If you choose to have your partner join you in the tub, they will need to have comfortable quick-dry clothes that can get wet. Have the swimsuit and large towel laid out ahead of time, in the case of a quick delivery. Solid/neutrals look best in photos and are less distracting that a bright Hawaiian print.

_ Fish net

This net is primarily your doula’s job to handle, but you will need to bring it to your birthing place for them to “fish out” any tissue, etc floating in your birthing pool. The net is small and will fit easily in any bag.

_ Waterbirth Certification

Know your hospital policies. Many hospitals require you take a water birth class and demand that you bring proof of that class to your birth. They might not keep your certification on file.

_ A rechargeable mini fan

During delivery, your body temperature will change a lot, but once you reach transition and enter the very warm watered pool, a fan is a great relief on your face.

Parents like to ignore this suggestion and bring a different fan. It’s never as good as the one I’m linking. Every parent who has purchased the fan I recommend has been beyond pleased with how powerful it is and how long the battery lasts. Just trust me on this.

_ Extra change of clothes for your “labor day” bag

Once you get out of the pool, you might need a clean outfit for you or your partner. Instead of the ugly hospital gown, I recommend a wide sleeved, jersey knit kimono in a neutral color for photos.

Quick links for purchase

  1. Sports Bra
  2. Tank top
  3. Kneeling Pad or this one
  4. Large Towel
  5. Fish net
  6. The BEST Fan
  7. Kimono robe


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