FAQ Personal questions

Did you breastfeed your kids?  Yes.

Have you had an unmedicated birth before?  Yes.

Did you have your kids at home or in the hospital?  Hospital.

Do you homeschool?  Yes and No. Some kids are homeschooled, some go to public school. It depends on the kid and their needs.

Do you make your own bread?  No.

Who makes your cakes?  I do. 

Where did you learn to make stuff like that?  I come from a large family of artists. I grew up watching my mom cut fabric without a pattern and hand paint murals on the ceiling. So, I pretty much figured out that if I stare at something long enough, I can figure out how to make it. I’m also not afraid, I will try new cakes, cut expensive fabric and even cut my own kids’ hair if I want to. Not because I’m skilled, but because it just always seems to work out. I think the lack of fear helps. 

I googled you. I had no idea you were a scrapbooking superstar.  LOL! I don’t know about that, but I definitely stayed busy. That was a wonderful season of my life and I miss it a lot. 

Are you “yazbelle?”  Yes! hahaha. I haven’t used that name in a long time. My mom worked under that name for awhile so some of the art on google belongs to her, not me. Yeah, we got in a fight over that. I was like, “MOM! I’ve been creating under the name “yazbelle” for 5 years!” I got over it though. :)

Do you still scrapbook?  No and I’m really sad about it. I’m hoping to carve out some time to at least make some digital books. I have an entire scrapbook room full of goodies that I want to play with again (someday).

You don’t look like you’ve had 5 kids. What’s your secret? Where do you work out?  Thanks!! I stay out of the sun, so that helps with wrinkles. I’m gluten free. I try to stay away from bread and dairy, although I totally splurge on cheese and ice cream. Honestly, I have good genes. I was never tiny in high school, always hourglass curvy, no matter how many dance classes or starvation I tried. It was genes. Those same genes also keep my waist smaller than my hips/chest.  

What face soap do you use?   It’s some seamoss soap from the islands!

What shampoo/hair products do you use?  CGM! Generally whatever is curly girl approved and clean! The brands change up.

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