Roswell Home Birth Photographer: Baby Girl “E”

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Melissa is a wedding photographer and this is the birth of her 4th child.

Melissa is a photographer from a local photog group I’m in, so I’ve known her for a few years now.  Her home birth midwife was Carlene.


I have to do it every birth. I let mom have her darkness without the distraction of a flash for a few shots. I have come to love the dark, emotional, natural light photography and my clients do too! I always give them a bounced flash and no flash version, but I love to post a few dimly lit ones on the blog.


Melissa’s mother in law keeping a few of the boys busy.


Melissa and her husband chose to deliver their daughter medication free using the Bradley Method.


Her hubby was SO sweet! Crying, giggling and smiling to get his baby. Melissa was just in awe of her first daughter after 3 sons. Ah, I love love love these pics!!cumming-ga-atlanta-home-water-birth-doula-photographer-pictures-images_0296cumming-ga-atlanta-home-water-birth-doula-photographer-pictures-images_0297cumming-ga-atlanta-home-water-birth-doula-photographer-pictures-images_0298cumming-ga-atlanta-home-water-birth-doula-photographer-pictures-images_0299cumming-ga-atlanta-home-water-birth-doula-photographer-pictures-images_0300cumming-ga-atlanta-home-water-birth-doula-photographer-pictures-images_0301

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