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Cartersville Birth Photography

Cartersville Medical Center of North Georgia Hospital Birth Photographybradley method natural birth hospital doula care

After laboring in Amy’s home for some hours, she decided it was time to go to the hospital. Amy’s first doula was at another birth, so I was the back up. We were joyfully surprised when Amy’s other doula was able to attend as well. Amy had TWO birth doulas present!! We have the best job in GA.

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Amy took the Bradley Method of natural childbirth and pregnancy classes in Atlanta, GA. Birthing classes aren’t just for the woman, Marcus learned just how to encourage his wife. I had a lot of positions and ideas to aid in her labor with the birthing ball which I learned in my certified DONA doula training. 

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Amy and Marcus has a surprise gender birth. You can see above the tears & excitement as they found out they were having a son. Amy was able to have a natural childbirth in the hospital, just as she planned. Cartersville Medical Center labor and delivery nurses were amazing. The other doula and I were so impressed by their hand on/hands off care of this sweet couple. It really is one of the best hospitals for giving birth in northern ga.

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After birth, Amy immediately wanted skin on skin bonding with her son. Marcus was so sweet just talking and loving on his baby. I just love good, modest, photojournalistic birth photography.

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Surprise sex births are the best! The excitement of your baby being born the same day you find out what sex it is is so sweet. This is a candid moment and you can’t pose or fake that amount of utter joy from Marcus.

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The Bradley Method classes encourage skin on skin for Dads too. This is also a great idea for some women who get c-sections and can’t do it themselves within the first few min of birth.

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This photo is literally minutes after birth. The family is happy and alert. Amy actually showered within the first hour after giving birth. That’s one of the perks of a drug-free birth. 

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Sacred bonding between this new family within the first hour or two. This is why I believe people should hire a birth photographer. Without me being there, Marcus and Amy would remember these moments, but not like these images could remind them. 

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Daddy and baby bonding.

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The nurse at Cartersville Medical Center was so patient to wait for Marcus and Amy bonded before performing some checks.

newborn baby first bath hospital

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Baby’s first bath was a success. Look at all that hair!

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