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Definitely one of the strong husbands. It’s always magical to watch a man stay strong for his wife and try to hold it together for her. There were a couple of times I thought I might have seen this guy’s eyes water. It’s so hard for a hubby to see their wife work through labor when it gets intense. Mr & Mrs C chose self train themselves through the Bradley Method of natural Childbirth.


As a doula, I get asked a lot if it’s possible to actually rest/sleep/doze off in between contractions. The answer is, “YES!” Here Mrs. C leaned over to her husband and they both would doze off in between contractions. It was so sweet! This went on for at least an hour, she was so comfortable. What a great birth memory caught on film.


I love this position she used for pushing! She was in a half squat and leaned on her husband for strength and support. The joy on their faces after accomplishing a drug-free natural birth is priceless. She delivered with Beverly Tanner from Isis ObGyn and her reviews from us are that she is amazing, gentle and kind!


There is nothing in this world as sweet as baby feet.




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