About Me:

Hi! I am DONA, Hypnobabies and Bradley trained. Attended over 200 births.

I breastfed all 5 of my children as well as help all my delivering mothers establish bonding through nursing during the first hour.


About Doula Care:

I am a doula because I love hugs and I love to care for women. I never want somebody to feel alone, in need, or not know anybody who is thrilled about her pregnancy.

I am a doula because I love to care for the partners. They are often forgotten as they care for the laboring mother. I’m there to remind them to eat and drink.

I take a family approach to my business and build life long relationships with my clients as both their doula for consecutive births and/or the family photographer.




About Birth Photography:

Want your partner in the photos? Want to see what you missed and/or might not remember? Want to see how strong you were and are?

While you are looking down at your baby, you are missing the fact that your partner is in awe of you, beaming with pride over what you’ve just accomplished!

No, you will not look crazy in the photos.

“The photos look wonderful. I can’t stop looking at them since you left!” -Mom B.G.

“Maegan somehow made me LOOK AMAZING the entire labor. After I came to the point that I couldn’t ‘keep up’ with how I looked anymore, I would feel Maegan gently place a bobby pin in my hair.” Mom R.C.

Yes, I can do both birth photography and doula care. It only takes a second or two to snap a picture!

“We never felt like (she) abandoned us to take pictures and all of the photographs she did take were very modest and appropriate.” Dad M.T.

“We were concerned about how one could juggle being a doula and photographing the birth of our daughter, but Maegan mastered this.” Mom L.W.

“Not only is she an intuitive doula, she is also a very gifted birth photographer! The mind blowing part is that she can do both jobs effortlessly at the SAME TIME!” Mom R.C.

“O. M. G. Not only were you 100% present and supportive as a doula during our birthing time, you took AMAZING photographs of one of the most important days (& redemptive experience!) of our lives. We ❤️ you so much!!!!!” Mom M.O..

No, the photos are not “too graphic.” You choose what I do/don’t photograph.

“I am in absolute awe. These pictures are amazing. I love them. You were at the perfect angle where you didn’t see anything too ‘yucky’. Thank you much. It means a great deal to have this special day documented.” -Mom J.C.

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