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Maegan Hall Photography // The Birth Story of Gemma from Focal Blu Films on Vimeo.

Maegan Hall Photography from Focal Blu Films on Vimeo.

Hi!!!! I’m Maegan and I’m so excited that you’re here!

I’m an artist who loves to paint, sing, dance, decorate, sew, scrapbook, do hair/makeup & take pictures.

I have a very bubbly & joyful personality. I love loving, hugging and encouraging people.

I laugh. A lot. It feels super awkward writing about myself.

I’m a really picky eater. I’m a girly-girl! I love Jesus.

I love being a mom. I’m a birth Doula.

So often photographers get asked, “What do you specialize in?” The truth is that I specialize in caring for women. I never wanted to just “take pics.” I want to sit & visit with them; love and encourage them. I want them to see they are as beautiful as we tell them they are. I want them to see the way their baby delights in them. I want them to feel young and be excited for the future. I want them to love & respect the body they’re in and rejoice in all it has done in their lifetime. The photos are just a reminder.

I love to see the look on a female’s face when she sees the photographs I’ve taken of her. They accuse me of photoshop, but the truth is that she’s just seeing what we already know– she’s beautiful! They always leave standing taller & smiling.

If you really want to know about me, call me! I LOVE talking on the phone and making new friends.

My cell is 678-920-8438. If I don’t answer, leave a message and I’ll call you back. Hope to hear from you soon!

If you choose to use the “Contact form” above and I don’t answer within 48 hours, it means I didn’t get the message.